UPVC Screw

BR Engineering Works pvt ltd is acknowledged as one of the pioneer manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of UPVC Screw. The latest features, most user-friendly design and finest construction are the appreciable components of this product.

Excellent Materials

The UPVC Screw has been prepared with high quality materials. The powerful construction endows much needed strength to it.
We never make even the slightest compromise with regard to the quality of our products. That’s the prime reasons why our products are unbeatable in terms of quality and output.

Range of Models and Designs

The screw is available in a range of extra-ordinary designs and models; with diameter ranging from 25mm to 200mm. The maximum length of this product is up to 5 meter. Furthermore, the screw is carved based on the individual requirements too.

Ideal for Numerous Applications

The advanced screw is ideal for various applications such as, UPVC pipe extruder machineries, plastic recycling plants, modified engineering plants and more.


  • Anti-corrosion
  • Exclusive models
  • Nitride treatment
  • Diameter ranges from 25mm to 200
  • Maximum 5 meter length

Scope Of Application

  • UPVC pipe extruder machineries
  • Modified Engineering Plastics
  • Plastic recycling plants
  • PVC sheet extrusion lines
  • PVC profile extrusion lines