Twin Parallel Screw

BR Engineering Works pvt ltd is the foremost manufacturer of the wide array of Twin Parallel Screws. Equipped with the cutting edge technologies, the parallel screws are unique in terms of user-friendly design and quality.

Nitro Alloy Materials

The twin parallel screws have been made with the use of high quality nitro alloy materials. They are able to withstand any temperature changes due only to their superior construction.

Exclusive Models

The screws are available in a number of sizes and designs with diameter ranging from 25mm to 200mm. Their maximum length is up to 4.5 meter. With a view to providing complete solution to our invaluable customers, we offer customized options as well.

Ideal for Many Different Plastic Machineries

The screws are designed to offer maximum output. They are widely used in many different plastic machineries such as, Plastic processing machineries, Twin extruder machine, Pipe Plants and more.
Apart from being durable and unbelievably strong, they are unbeatable as far as performance is concerned.


  • Nitro Alloy Materials
  • Capable of withstanding temperature changes
  • Diameter ranges from 25mm to 200mm
  • Maximum length up to 4.5 meter

Scope Of Application

  • Twin extruder machines
  • Plastic processing machineries
  • Pipe Plants
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