UPVC Screw Barrel

Understanding the utmost requirement of innovative technologies that can provide not only most convenience but also much needed efficiency, BR Engineering Works pvt ltd manufactures a comprehensive range of UPVC Screw Barrels.

High Grade UPVC Materials

The UPVC screw barrel is prepared with high grade UPVC materials. The supreme quality not only sets it apart based on performance but also makes it ultra-strong. The advanced screw barrel lasts for years.

Tons of Different Models

The screw barrel is available in numerous models, designs and diameter sizes ranging from 25mm to 200. It comes with up to 5 meter maximum length. Customized options are also available in accordance with the specifications offered by clients.


  • High grade UPVC materials
  • Diameter ranges from 25mm to 200mm
  • Both Standard and customized solutions
  • Long-lasting construction

Scope Of Application

  • UPVC Extruder machineries
  • Plastic processing Machine
  • Plastic recycling plants
  • PVC profile extrusion lines