Plastic Recycle Screw Barrel

With a view to preventing the environmental instability, BR Engineering Works pvt ltd manufactures innovative Plastic Recycle Screw Barrel. It has been designed to utilize the plastic wastage with utmost convenience.

As plastic is considered to be very vital for a number of industries, it’s important to prevent its wastage. The excellently-designed screw barrel plays a major in stopping the wastage of plastic.

Stainless Steel and Alloy Material

The plastic recycle screw barrel has been carved with stainless steel and alloy materials. Its compact structure and solid design speak volume of its quality. Apart from being tensile resistant, it is rustproof as well.

Numerous Models

The screw barrel comes in exclusive range of designs, models and sizes (diameter range 25mm-200) that are smartly developed in accordance with specific needs.

Significant Tool

It has been developed to be a handy tool in many industries such as, plastic processing plants, plastic recycling machineries in order to help them reuse plastic. It is environment friendly and plays a significant role in stopping environment instability.


  • Premium SS Alloy material
  • Ideal for Plastic Recycling Machineries & Plants
  • 25mm to 200mm –diameter range
  • Eco-friendly

Scope Of Application

  • Plastic Processing Machineries
  • Plastic Recycling Machinery
Plastic Recycle Screw Barrel