RPVC Screw

BR Engineering Works pvt ltd is regarded as the major manufacturer of wide range of RPVC Screws. Made with superior material and designed with the latest technologies, the screw is exceptionally versatile.

High Quality

The RPVC screw is prepared with quality steel. The appreciably strong construction helps it in being durable. Made with the use of heat treatment and hard-chrome electroplating technology, it boasts of incomparable quality.

Several Models

The screw is available in several models with diameter ranging from 25mm to 200. The L/D ratio is 16/35. However, it can be customized as per specific needs.
As for quality, our products are unbeatable. Through a number of laboratory tests, we make sure the products are up to the desired standard.


  • Several models
  • Nitride hardness Hv900-1020
  • Screw alignment is 0.015mm
  • Made with Alloy steel material

Scope Of Application

  • RPVC Pipe making plants
  • RPVC Extrusion plants
  • RPVC Film plants
RPVC Screw