RPVC Screw Barrel

BR Engineering Works pvt ltd has been the premier manufacturer, supplier & exporter of RPVC Screw Barrel for almost three decades. The superior technologies, quality-defining design and the stunning construction are the integral components of the screw barrels.

Alloy Steel Materials

The RPVC screw barrels are constructed with the use of high quality alloy steel materials. With heat and nitride treatment, it is incredibly strong and lasts long.

Range of Different Models

The screw barrels come in plenty of different models with a view to perfectly meeting specific needs. The diameter of the products range from 45mm to 200mm with 5meter maximum length. They are also customized or designed as per the individual needs of our clients.

Suitable For Many Applications

Our manufactured ultra-modern barrels are ideal for many applications such as, RPVC film plants, RPVC pipe extrusion plant, rigid PVC profile extrusion plants and more.
As the prominent manufacturer of screw barrels, we ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our products. Hence, we always strive to provide them best possible solution at both competitive and affordable price.


  • Diameter ranges from 45mm to 200
  • Heat & nitride treatment
  • Premium alloy steel materials
  • Incredibly strong and durable

Scope Of Application

  • RPVC PVC profile extrusion plants
  • RPVC Pipe extrusion machineries
  • RPVC Film plants
RPVC Screw Barrel